Symposium 'Lessons learnt from Climate Change Adaptation in Europe', August, 28th- 29th 2019

European cities are facing rising summer temperatures and an increasing occurrence of extreme weather events as a result of global climate change. As a consequence they are setting up heat protection plans and “sponge city”-concepts. Also India is not just expecting but already observing heat waves and extensive flooding. The climate change impacts are especially going to hit the most vulnerable and economically weakest sections of the society – the dwellers of informal settlements which are already living under precarious conditions and are the least able to protect themselves against extreme weather events.

How can these social groups be supported to prepare for catastrophic floods, landslides and rising sea-level? Which town planning, structural and organizational improvements are needed in order that the residents learn to tackle these challenges together?

To discuss these questions a symposium took place from August, 28th29th 2019 at Danube University in Krems.

European experts with inter-disciplinary backgrounds in the field of climate change resilience, Indian university members and representatives of the civil society are going to discuss concepts and strategies from Europe and India during two days and assess to what extent Europe and India can learn from each other in this field.

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Some keynote inputs are available in form of videos here:

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