2nd Advisory Board Meeting

  • Advisory board for BReUCom project is a group of eminent personalities of India working in the field of resilience, architecture and socio-economic area. The board consists of 10 members affiliated with institutes and organizations of repute in India and world.

  • Annual Advisory Board Meeting for the year 2020 held through online mode on Oct. 16, 2020 coordinated by NITH. The aim of this meet was to discusses and improve the contents and level of collaboration during PDP to be conducted by various partner institutes.

  • Discussion also held on target group and audiences for professional development courses (PDP). 

  • The meeting also intended to discuss the evaluation process of Professional Development Courses (PDP) and the effectiveness/ improvements in Academic courses.

  • In total 20 number of Professional Development Courses (PDP) and Academic courses were discussed on various areas like Water stress, Heat stress, Traditional wisdom and Peri-urban communities.

  • The Institute partners discussed in detail the future methodology for conducting the Professional and student centric courses under the umbrella of community resilience and shared the website platform and Newsletters for dissemination.

  • This meet provided not only the insight of various issues but also widened the overall extent of the BReUCom project for community resilience. 


Last modified: Wednesday, 25 November 2020, 2:17 PM